Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Personalise your OpenERP with the dashboard feature ( 6.1 onwards)

You like OpenERP, but feel like you want to personalise it more? Now, OpenERP goes a step further and lets you customize your dashboard. How? you will ask. 

Thanks to a new feature that allows you to customize your dashboard by adding new boards of any search view.

Let's say you are not a big fan of the default dashboard and you feel like the view provided are not the most relevant to you. So, now you can remove the board you find useless and customize your own one. 

How is it done?

Step 1: access one search view 

Step 2: apply the filter you want to see at each connection to the application (eg. on sales, manufacturing, etc)

Step 3: add it into the dashboard in the same space where you can save the filter

Step 4: choose the application you want it visible on and the name of the array
Look at this simple example below from Purchase, where I want to put on the application's dashboard "Purchases to Approve". After I access the search view and apply the filter for "Purchases to Approve", I can add it immediately to my Purchase dashboard.

In less than a minute, the search view is visible on the dashboard

Of course, you are free to delete what you don't need or like, but just in case you change your mind there is a reset button to return to the default view.
So, go ahead and personalise your OpenERP!

Courtesy : OpenERP

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