Thursday, December 8, 2011

OpenERP Functional Training

Serpent Consulting Services has delivered OpenERP Functional Trainings all over the world. Our trainers have the sheer experience of OpenERP which almost goes unbeatable. We can deliver trainings at your location or at ours, we let you choose. We can also deliver training remotely via audio/video sharing tools/technologies, via remote sessions, conferences or video conferencing.
This training service is highly recommended for OpenERP integrators who are new in OpenERP world, who need to grasp knowledge of the OpenERP development process and/or have a functional/analysts team that needs dedicated training, who want to get a better functional understanding of OpenERP. Our trainers have 5+ years development experience and have hands-on experience in dealing with projects and customizations.

SerpentCS provides OpenERP Functional Training in India, remotely, locally or in your country too!

Duration : 5 days

Objectives : Upon completion of the training, the participant will be able to:
  • Install and administer OpenERP.
  • Become an OpenERP Consultant.
  • Do the GAP analysis of any Business Process.
  • Understand the functional concepts, business processes by OpenERP.
  • Operate/Work with OpenERP Smoothly on regular basis.
  • Configure OpenERP using the standard modules.
  • Change the look and feel from the front-end(GUI) rather than a need of technical knowledge.
Requirements : We expect following requirements to be fulfilled by the participant.
  • Bring your own Laptop device.
  • Install the latest stable version that you can download from OpenERP Official Website.
  • Good to have a basic understanding of the corresponding business process.
  • Basic concepts of Enterprise Resource management, laws of management processes.
  • Good to have an experience of Business Analysis.
OpenERP Corporate Training Package : If you wish more number of participants to be trained at one go, we also provide the service of corporate training in which major of your staff will be covered and at low cost, too. We will manage the schedule of training according to the need. Please contact us on for further details.

Serpent Consulting Services(SerpentCS) announces the schedule for OpenERP Functional Training as below.

For more details please contact :

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Introduction Products Sales Management Project Management HR Management
Server & Client installation (Desktop & Web) Product Defination Business Opportunities Create new project Employees
Database Server installation and configuration Price Lists Quotation and Orders Analytical Overview Departments
Create a new user Inventory Management Workflow Task Definition Timesheet Management
Menu Principles Inventory Scheduler Task Deligation Holiday Management
Partner Form Double Entry Manufacturing Planning and Management Expense and Reimbursement
Basic Functionalities Locations Bill of Material (BOM) Accounting Payroll Management
Icons Panel Warehouse and Shops Work centers Financial Flow Employee Contracts
Multiple Tabs Picking Routings Configuration Administration
Search Traceability Production Order Fiscal Year Users and Groups
Work on several forms Order Points
Defining Journals Access Rights
List mode Procurement
Account Types Record Rules
Actions Procurement Exceptions
Account chart and Templates Company Setup
Printing Purchase Management
Tax Definition Report Header and Footer
Default Values Purchase Order
Analytic Accounting Translation
Preferences for a form Workflow
Invoices Add New Language
Attached files

Payment Terms Module Management
Customer and Supplier

Bank Statements

Customer and Supplier Form

End of Year Process

Periodical Processing
CRM Definition

Recurring Models
Help Desk

Automatic Segmentation


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