Saturday, July 21, 2012

A hate Letter to GirlFriend in OpenERP Terminology!


This is an English Version,Gujarati version goes here!
Fun while you learn, lets spread some smile all over around!

Here it goes!

Hey my heart breaker Ex-girlfriend,

Go to hell, Lemme unlink() you from my life's records,
Won't ever meet one like you, putting the _constraint!

Thought you as a production server who is one consistent,
And you found out to be a Development Server,
Seeing you with a different Database-like Boyfriend each time,
Feels like you have a cron job set,its not fine its not fine !

Having a heart-like Database and Love-like ir.model,
Had made a write() of your _rec_name into my Lover ir.model.field,
Got a disappointing results when I did your auditrail,
Found your so-many one2many references, tagging you #fail !

It doesn't matter having your _fields_view_get() figure as good,
Hope you could have got good vals for the result of read() dude,
Had you ever overridden my eyes' read(),
Would find many calls to your browse() indeed!

Loved you at first sight at the stage of Login(),
Didn't even looked what Groups you belonging;
I still have all tracks of calendars of our crm.meeting,so cool,
And today It returns None for my model in your self.pool?

As said, nothing is there in external widgets you wear,
All the truth resides in preferences of your uid very clear;
I now understand your complete workflow so clean!
All your total report appears in my eye's print screen!

Journals of my feelings shows so many expense,
Balance sheet is equal by the tears as income!
All your hatred write-offs shows me a lot loss,
This forces my relation to you a fiscalyear close!

All your love letter modules look today so customized,
Uninstalling them leaves tracebacks, found fabricized!
Can you ever refund all the time spent behind you?
No,so I unreconcile the move.line of transaction with you!

Request to GOD!

Dear OSV,
Questing your powerful ORM, requesting you with True bool!
Access should be given to one, to create such a record rule!
One must use an sql_constraint, never create() you, a demo fool!


boodie_woogie said...

woww... you're not just superb in OpenERP but poet too.. bravo !!

Er. Jay -Think Different- Vora said...

Thanks Budi, missing you man!

Ana REx said...

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