Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maula mere le le meri jaan - keep the faith in the religion and the country!

I am writing this because I cried today, no really there is no pain however. This is just a sense of Patriotism !

The religion of for thought.

No no no, I am not writing this because its an Independence day today. To be honest, having holidays on Independence day for me does not make any difference. It has been just a one more NULL day in life. I hope majority of you agree. I believe work should be done with double integrity on such days. And I know a very very few will agree.

Anyways, I was just having a last bite of my dinner now and I switched a channel and moved to Sony Max and my remote had to be put aside and I forgot I was eating something. Guys, I was listening 'Maula mere le le meri jaan……..' from Chak De India, truly a superb movie, one of my favourites. Fantastic, emotional, number one,- whatsoever best objectives to be applied - song this is.

This song is one of the very very very rare things which have made me cry...O boss, what a meaning is displays. And the voice of Krishna, truly saddening.

It talks about the relationship between a patriot and his country and how he chooses to fight back to prove his love. The feel of this song is truly something else when watched in the movie.

Each time I hear the song, it touches a chord. Initially I didn't get the word, till I realized its significance.

The Lyrics go as:
[Teeja tera rang thaa mai toh
Teeja teraa rang thaa mai toh
jiya tere dhang se mai toh
tu hi thaa maula tu hi aan
Maula mere le le meri jaan ] 2

I am adorned by your colors
I have lived by your traditions
You are my Lord, my pride
Take my life its yours, My Lord

Tere sang kheli holi

Tere sang ki diwali
Tere angno ki chhaya
Tere sang saawan aaya
Fer le too chaahe nazre
Chaahe yeh chura le
Laut ke too aaega re shart laga le

With you I have played Holi
And with you celebrated Diwali
In your courtyard I found shade
In your company the rains arrived
Now you can turn away from me if you want
But you will return, I am certain

Teeja tera rang thaa mai toh
Teeja tera rang thaa mai toh
jiya tere dhang se mai toh
Tu hi thaa maula tu hi aan
Maula mere le le meri jaan ...!

Mitti meri thi bhoori

Wohi mere ghee aur choori
Wohi raanjhe mere wo heer
Wohi sevaiyaan wahi kheer
Tujhse hi roothnaa mujhe hi manaana
Teraa mera naata koi dooja naa jaana

You are my earth
You are my Ghee and Churi(sweet)
You are my Ranjha and you are my Heer(star crossed lovers)
You are my sevaiyaan and my kheer (sweet)
You are the one I get angry with and the one I makeup with
No one else can understand our relationship

Teeja tera rang thaa mai toh

Teeja tera rang thaa mai toh
Jiya tere dhang se mai toh
Tu hi thaa maula tu hi aan
Maula mere le le meri jaan ! 

I was just looking for the meanings of each line. I remember It was Kapil Devani, who made me aware about the lyrics when he shared them on orkut.

Teeja rang, the third colour of the flag, the green in our flag that connotes the Indian farmer or as many say the Indian muslim. Our founding fathers chose our flag with care. Our politics is based on subtle messages, we as a nation hate being direct so if peace was the white then the saffron and the green symbolized the two communities that make the largest part of the nation, and the white probably was a hope for relations between both communities to be peaceful. Or so I feel.

Basically, the world hasn't collapsed yet and never will because rational thinkers, humanitarians, exist. One's religion should be one's personal affair, but people hardly ever think over things - they mostly go with the flow.

I am not Muslim so I just see those things. Others who are, I know, must feel very bad actually experiencing these circumstances. I am seeing the festival of Ramadan closely since very long. I am just growing up and I have begun to see differences in society - that never existed till I was in school/ college... strange! But I think if we are better thinkers, we can win over the lesser thinkers and shouters and short-term-self-gainers. I won't name those friends of mine, but they are experiencing many difficulties in getting their own homes just because they are Muslims, what a crap is this!

Please, Love and respect everyone. I can write pages and pages in such a topic, but I don't want to raise questions and thus heading to long discussions.

My religion is: 1. My Duty 2. Law 3. My Passion 4. Making someone smile and motivate !

Jay Hind.

GOD bless you!


Sanjay Jhunjhunwala said...

IT is "mitti meri bhi bhoori(brown) instead of Mitti meri bhi tuhi. Nevertheless, thanks for your interpretation and I applaud your feelings. Sanjay

Jay Vora said...

Mr. Sanjay, Thanks for the appreciation. I've corrected the text.

Araadhya Bahri said...

True ... n please don't forget the heart touching acting done by Shahrukh..its d blend of exceptional voice we hear with lyrics nourishing our brain plus the heart touching acting done by an actor to create such a magic. :D