Thursday, November 15, 2012

OpenERP 7.0 v/s 6.1 : Usability Metrics!

Hey everyone,

Fabien Pinckaers , the CEO of OpenERP SA presents an interesting Video showing the comparison between OpenERP 6.1 and OpenERP 7.0 by a little javascript showing the no. of clicks, the distance between clicks, the pixels to move and the keystrokes involved.

Here is what it says:

We used to do lot of lambda user testing on OpenERP in order to learn and measure the improvement we achieve between each version/feature. But we wanted a metric less subjective to measure if we improved a business process.

We developed a small javascript app in a few hours to count the number of clicks and the distance between each click as a measure of the complexity of a business flow. The idea is that the less a flow has clicks to easier it is. Or the less distance between every click, the easier it is for the user to find the next step.

The result:
- OpenEP v7.0 requires 25% clicks less to perform the same business flow
- OpenERP v7.0 is more than 2x easier than OpenERP v6.1: 56% complexity
removed (distance between every click)

It’s not a perfect metric, but has the advantage of being easy to measure and be less subjective than our usual lambda user testing sessions.

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