Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Analytical study on few unique personalities !

The Best thing about you is 'You'! If you are coming again to read this, you are on the winning way! - Jay Vora.
  • Macho-man Mahmood!
    • A macho man. His physique says it all.
    • A decent attitude who believes in speaking less and doing more! 
    • Comes late so often, but has the ability to cover the missing things
    • Kinda shy and 'Take it easy' guy. Should focus more on soft skills.
    • Has a big heart to help everyone and has a 'let-go' philosophy.

  • Sincere Sara!
    • Sincere, Adorable, Realistic, Amiable - Sara.
    • Decency is best exemplified on her nature, attitude and speech.
    • She believes purely in Truth and does not give up until finding the reality.
    • Supportive to all the colleagues. Don't be so gentle so anyone can betray you.
    • Her speech is her weapon which she can use for career, future endeavours.

  • Admirable, Alert Awatif!
    • Not really audible, but a true voice.
    • Doesn't speak loud, may be due to fear of language or fear of being wrong. She doesn't speak, but does the work.
    • Knows concepts but does not speak. Speech is sometimes reflecting us. Silence is the sign of acceptance! If you don't speak, you will be taken for granted.
    • As the time passes, system will demand managerial skills! Be ready.
    • There is a word called 'Freedom' in dictionary. You might give a try to check!

  • Youthful Yousra!
    • Young and Potential speaker with humble attitude. An artist.
    • Animated facial expressions - her uniqueness!
    • Communication is the skill which will prove to be a ladder for her to climb mountains of success.
    • Change of a body language should be the next step to the ladder.
    • Keep reading because a reader is a good leader, you are born to explain!

  • Marvellous Marwa!
    • Mature, Academic, Religious, Wise, Attentive - Marwa.
    • Confidence is high like a Mountain.
    • A Future Leader, decision maker and manager.
    • Proud, sharp and logical.
    • Researcher but should focus on one thing at a time.

  • Melodious Miada!
    • Mild, Involved, Ambitious, Delightful, Ardent - Miada.
    • Caring nature and respectful personality.
    • Full of Gentleness, smiles.
    • Passionate and lovable.
    • Will be a slow driver of car!

  • Rebellious Ryan!
    • Ruler, Yern, Autonomous, Noticeable - Ryan.
    • Born to rule, born to change, born to make her point right.
    • Outspoken and Honest. She does what she thinks is doable.
    • A complete event manager and leader.
    • Witty, Sympathetic, jovial.

  • Sweet Samia!
    • Sweet, Aimless, Magnetic, Innocent, Angelic - Samia.
    • Gorgeous, Childish, sometimes absent-minded and naughty.
    • Needs guidance. Needs some heavy refactorings.
    • Her smile makes her mistakes wash away.
    • She is present, yet absent. But a 'present' for sure.

  • Respectable Roa'a!
    • Responsible, Obedient, Athletic, Adaptive - Roaa.
    • Full of Innocence, maturity and shyness.
    • Pure by heart and thoughts. Will Win hearts wherever she goes.
    • Noble personality might hurt yourself, be thoughtful for your actions.
    • A teacher by nature who is caring and dedicated to the student. Good explanation abilities, have patience.

  • FunLoving Fatma!
    • Funloving, Active, Talkative, Mischievous, Attractive - Fatma.
    • 'Happy-go-lucky' and a beautiful girl. Smile is her trademark.
    • Refreshing, Photogenic, Hyperactive and graceful by heart.
    • Enjoys whatever she does and lives life at its fullest mode. At the same time, make sure no one misuses your openness.
    • Everyone should learn from her.

  • Allrounder Arwa!
    • Accurate, Reliable, Watchful, Adorable - Arwa.
    • Ample knowledge and disciplined approach.
    • Has the core ability to accept mistakes and correct them as soon as realized. This attitude can make you rule, repute and earn more respect.
    • Urgently needs to go to hill stations and clean her throat, make the world listen to you because you are right! Don't frighten of being wrong, being wrong just lasts for seconds if you are learning.
    • Always Beautiful, Affirmative, Polite and Brilliant.


marwa Gabbani said...

really I don't know how can I tell you how you changed my way of thinking after I knew you. God bless you.

The unique man ever, and really I am sure you will change the world as you changed us
I thank God for giving me this chance to know a great man like you.

Arwa Abood said...

Uniqueness with infectious joy
Promptitude, see the signs when they are between the lines
SMART, connecting the dots to get a clarity complete picture
Confidence with visions & ambitions
As Luther King said "Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."
Making the world better is what you doing BEST, God Bless You.

Jay Vora said...

Thanks a TON.

Yossi elboshari said...

first of all thank you mr jay for enlighten us and on behalf of my friends i should simply love to say that you have inspired us your great knowledge charming personality oh wow. you have just started the trigger.
as for me i completely agree with you and will exert my effort and apply these tips to my life inorder to make it better . thanks for the tips it was nice to get them from you.
my tip to you is keep doing what you do cause you own it

Jay Vora said...

Yossi, very well written, thanks!