Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Birthday : Looking at it by various aspects!

I am writing this blog just to say my massive thanks to everyone who has been my well-wishers disregard to they could wish or not.

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November 19,2012. I woke up on this day and felt like nothing has changed and I still have the usual 'powerhouse' tag energy and excitements to start the day. I am a naturally optimistic and highly energetic individual who wants to succeed no matter what.

It was almost 8-30 AM. 'Happy Birthday Mister Jay' said someone. Suddenly someone stopped me coming into a room and few minutes later I was allowed to enter and I saw a cake again just as each year. My friends surprised me as I did not expect this at all. Many Thanks!

Started my day as regular then onwards and replied some FB comments as well.
Wishes and love of all of you is hardly un-noticed. I thought to post so that you might feel that you are not alone having similar feelings that you are blessed with such angels.

Coming back home with tired physique but yet fresh mind asked myself, 'What does this birthday really signify and why celebrate a special day? Don't I start each day with smiles around and if not, then making smiles happen around ? I celebrate each day with family-friends-colleagues, aren't I?'

Many questions kept coming as aftershocks and even now the day after the birthday.

Time flows like anything and if we are busy, it feels like passing so quickly. I have been learning many things, from many people. I have got my thoughts deepened and my vocabulary is becoming my treasure now.

I have myself analysed several aspects after my own b'days and being actively participating in anyone's b'days. Here they are:

1. Celebration - You celebrate it highly as a special day.
2. GTG of Well-wishers - It is also a get-together of many well-wishers.
3. Friends ~ Party - Reason to Rejoice, party party and party, in short fun, laughs and gags.
4. Resolution - Serious people take a resolution each year with a resolution not to break it like last year :)
5. Just a normal day - They respond just with an artificial smile,hopeless people they are.
6. Charity - Noble people takes this day positively and do a charity in order to thank GOD for giving another milestone to cheer about, and few more days to live.

7. Keep the spirit of life alive - Everyday is a celebration, joyous and enjoyable. They are powerhouses and always full of energy with keeping the spirit of life alive and making the world fresh around them.
8. Feelings of being older - Be young by thoughts, not age ! Age is just a state of mind!

How does it feel to be a year older?
To be honest, I don't feel anything about this obligatory question. Nobody expects a real answer. The logic behind this question I think, is the deep human desire for progress. With each passing year, we hope that our loved ones feel little bit stronger, smarter, responsible and happier. As we know, day by day we get more maturity, responsibility if we self-analyse well.

Age is a matter of feeling, not years.

Long Live, Live Healthy and inspirational!

All yours,
Jay Vora!

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