Monday, April 18, 2011

Two good weekends to write on!

Last 2 weekends were very very special as I went into the memories of old days, saw few good movies and played good games of cricket.
These old days include the days at school, days at college and days at first job.

Saturdays : Cleaning of House/Room
There is always a scope of cleaning  and I had a chance to cleanup few corners of house and found few nice memories and spent almost the half day in order to play well with all the memories. I got few certificates/results revisited and clicked them to share here. There are still a lot of medals/certificates unshared here.

Recalling the Great days of Standard 7,8,9(Revisited Results)
I had those superb and unforgettable days while studying at Sheth C M Highschool sector-23, Gandhinagar and Luckily I was always among the toppers. I always had 90+ % in each exam.

Not to forget those heavily Talented friends Sandip Patel(Nirlife Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Saurabh Patel(USA), Vineet Patel(Canada) and Dr. Yatin Joshi(Baroda).
These guys are still in touch and they share a lot of great memorable days with me during study. They are doing best in their respective fields.

I was smiling and feeling proud to see these set of results and thinking "Where the hell I had less marks?"
98% in first 2 exams !
94% in 8th!

95% in 9th and 96% in 10th Prelims!

Days at College

Next set of certificates were IBM one and Microsoft One.
IBM GIL Invite Project Initiative:
--> It was a good time when we participated for such a competition and I had a great support from Miss Anupama Jaria, Kapil Devani and Shyamal Amin.
Out of all these people, Shyamal has never talked about(seen) the project and got a nice certificate ;);) :D .Anupama and Kapil did good work on project and made it possible to complete. It was a project on PHP for Kala Academy, Gujarat.

Microsoft Student Rockstar:
--> I got all India 41st Rank here. It was a competition for All India All level engineering Students where they had to participate in quizzes, register for webinars, answer questions and submit whitepapers on different topics. It was again a good experience.

Days at First Job
I completed the college and in the 6th sem, I got selected via off-campus in Anish Information Technology, A'bad.

Not to forget that I did my last sem training there and I got 3 rockstars, the great programmers named Arun Malik(Engineer at HAL), Taral Shah(Cognizant, USA) and Hitesh Gondalia (DBA). Normally, students are supposed to do one project for the last sem, but due to the greatness of all 4 of us, we could finish one project per month and at the end of the semester, we completed 4 projects for the last sem and we smartly named it with a combination of all projects as  'E-Commerce and Web Portal applying SEO'. Our mentor was Saurabh Dave(Cybage,Gandhinagar) and he had supprted all the 4 mischievous trainees nicely and we turned the atmosphere around at the company. 

97.4%ile, 130th in India
 Meanwhile, I happened to meet a guy Vishal Prajapati(IBM,Bangluru),who was a senior at AIT and he inspired me to attend in GATE exam to do Masters. He was a great force and source of inspiration for me while working in AIT.Funny thing about the Exam was, Vishal called me at night and said to be ready in the morning because we have an exam.I was not ready at all, had no reading at all. We both attended the exam and Vishal scored 99.7 %ile with All India 29th Rank and I scored 97.40 %ile with all India 130th Rank. Kudos, good news for both of us. Vishal got admission in IIT Bombay and he is now working at IBM, Bangluru. I had applied to IIT Bombay, Kharagpur and Kanpur. Although having a good rank,having race with CE/IT discipline students in same category, I could not get listed in any of the colleges and I didn't try anymore because I already had got great job in TinyERP Pvt.Ltd,Gandhinagar with all best wishes of Navrang Oza,Dharmesh Rathod and Mantavya Gajjar.

Movies I saw:
During these last 2 weekends, I happened to see a Hindi Movie 'Thank you',which was a good one, watchable but an inspiration from an English Movie Accepted which I already has seen 3 years ago.
I watched Insomnia (Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, or having non-refreshing sleep) and Desperado(Desperate to do a crime). Both are highly rated and good movies to watch.

I am into the insomnia now. Though I haven't done anything wrong,but I get less time to sleep.

One more interesting fact is that,I saw my resume for the vry first time after 4 years.

Cricket and Charity:
Last but not the least, its Cricket. Every Sunday, I play cricket and both the sundays brought great high scoring games of cricket with very close finishes for us.
We (HelipadCricketLovers) started doing charity and as a part of it, we distributed Pots to friends which can be helpful to Birds and animals in Hot Summer. We promise to do more.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day ahead.


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