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Why AAP should not jump into(contest) Loksabha Elections of 2014 ? - our Opinion!

Let me conclude before I start : "AAP is not bad, neither is AK;, it's just the timing"! This is the voice from many educated people around!

In a nutshell, Why AAP should not contest the LS Elections 2014?

1. Your presence will make people forget UPA's Scandals and talk about only AAP rising.
2. You are a fresher, your role can be considered as a vote-cutting party.
3. You are not fully aware about national problems (Delhi problems are not the only ones now when you talk about LS) like Kashmir (see what P Bhushan said), water and electricity (You announced in Delhi, would you do in all India without any sources, then from air?) and some economic policies.
4. Your presence will generate fragmented parliament and again a coalition like UPA-x!
5. Lack of candidates for elections :  finding them is easy, tracking them is not. (in such a short time)
6. Immaturity and inexperience of leaders, awareness of govt rules and regulations and proper work methodology (no more janata darbars please)
7.  Suggest me, you the reader!

It was an evening when Rohit Purohit, Bhavin Barot, Harnish Tanna, Harshit Dave, Dr. Jatin Prajapati, Vishal Rajpurohit and Chirag Dave met. We usually have fun and do not go into any serious talk. It was because no one brought cards and snacks, we had been in serious trouble and had been finding ways to overcome the grief.

We discussed how suddenly the politics has been changed and all kind of media (paper, electronics and social) has been the fan of AAP and AK. There is no doubt everyone is amazed and wish to really congratulate them and everyone wishes the clean government like AAP has promised it to be and for which people have started dreaming for !

But somewhere in the corners of our heart, we are the fans of Mr. Narendra Modi by knowing his ways of work, the administration, the governance and the development which has been an example for not only India, but the world, yes! However, we do not openly favour BJP as a party, Narendra Modi as a PM! Do not consider us as against any party, or favouring any party. But one GOD damn thing is sure, we are totally against Congress and why not the current youth to be!

Friendly advise: to BJP: don't be so fearful of AAP; to Cong: don't be so enamoured of AAP; to AAP: don't be in such a hurry.

The recent news from Delhi : overwhelming crowd at Lokdarbar today is an indication that AAP better gets little more organized, and Kejriwal better accept formal security instead of becoming an eye candy on new channels!

Talking about Why AAP should not jump into Loksabha 2014 elections and not confuse Indians, specially those who just follow, don't think!

A debate has been going on whether AAP should fight the LokSabha elections or not. While there are equally strong points to support both the sides, we somehow feel that AAP should not ‘rush’ into fighting these elections. What they lack really is Experience of ruling, experience of governance, experienced leaders, clear goal and their reachability to whole India! AAP's growth has been really vertical, they have to grow horizontally too!

Nowadays India is a victim of old political trick. If you can't convince them, confuse them. And look, we are confused. 

Do we think that Delhi is with AAP. Really? No I don't think so.
Do we think that Congress will be wiped off in next LokSabha election. No I don't think so.
Do we think that AAP is "Miracle in Politics"(Party full of Sanskari Politicians) and they would stick to their statements and ethics. No I don't think so.

Lets have a look at Delhi statistics again. 46% people voted for BJP, 41% people voted for AAP and 11% people voted for Congress. Now the Game changer is who ever does the coalition. Kejriwal grabbed this opportunity and he is CM now. Bad news for BJP but Fantastic turn for Delhi Government. We all appreciate Kejriwal's efforts in reaching up to this level. Really it's not a cakewalk. We surely may need more Kejriwals to improve the system at micro level.

Even Kejriwal is in learning phase, so he is also being positive about these promises and we hope that he would do his best to deliver what he said, but in case something goes wrong, do people of India and our news channels have patience to digest his failures and give him some more time to make things better? No. We can't wait to criticize AAP even if Kejriwal stays in Five Bedroom house and AAP leaders come in Government Cars(without Red Lights of course)? We - the people of India are very short tempered. We don't remember things for a long time. We react very quickly and we forget very quickly.

Now it is clear that for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, no one wants Congress anymore, some people are with AAP and some people are with BJP.
But if either of the party does not get clear win, again India would be trapped in coalition government(with CONGRESS or the nonsense of SP, BSP, RJD) unfortunately and people of India would have to face same unbalanced, weak political trauma as we are facing now.

I personally think AAP should prove themselves(power of common man) for next 5 years in Delhi and then jump into Lok Sabha election next time. Otherwise, India will again have coalition government in center and that will not help Aaam Aadmis in anyway. Trying to scale this model to the national level in such a small amount of time (less than five months) would prove counter productive.

See the analysis of Suyash Bhardwaj (IIM - Calcutta 2011 Batch), an excellent piece on Aam Aadmi Party.

Finally, it is important to set examples of honesty and clean politics, but not at the cost of India’s development.

After all, it is the Aam Aadmi who will bear the brunt of his/her wrong decisions for the next 5 years.

Courtesy : Various articles, various discussions and own words! 

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Thank you,

Jay Vora.

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