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OpenERP Installation Guide on MAC OSX 10.9

OpenERP Version 7 Installation on Mac OSX 10.9
There are Many ways to install OpenERP and dependent packages on Mac like using pip, port and brew. Here is the steps to install OpenERP using ports. To get port command working you need to Download and install Macports.
Install PostgreSQL 9.3 Server
Installing PostgreSQL Server is required to connect to postgres and create database.
After successful installation we need to create our system user as a postgres superuser. Run following terminal commands to create user.
sudo su – postgres
createuser <your system username>
It will prompt you to make this user as super user? YES
Make it superuser
psql93 template1 -U postgres -W
this might be psql or psql with version depends on installation
This will ask for posrgres user password and give you template1 connection
ALTER USER <your system username> WITH password ‘your password’;
Above query will set password for system username in postgres.
You will back to system user prompt
We successfully installed Postgres Server
To check the installation you can run this command
psql93 -l
It will list out available databases list

Installing OpenERP Dependencies
We will goto root user prompt to install all dependencies with following command
sudo -i
We will install python 2.6 and dependent packages in python 2.6
port install python26
port select python python26
port install py26-setuptools; easy_install setuptools
port install py26-psycopg2 + postgresql93; easy_install psycopg2
port install py26-reportlab; easy_install report lab
port install py26-lxml; easy_install lxml
port install py26-tz; easy_install pytz
port install py26-mako; easy_install mako
port install py26-dateutil; easy_install DateUtils
port install graphviz + python26 +no_x11
port install py26-parsing; easy_install pyparsing
port install py26-pil; easy_install pil
port install py26-docutils; easy_install docutils
port install py26-openerp-auth-openid; easy_install openerp-auth-openid
port install py26-pip; easy_install pip
port install py26-mock; easy_install mock
port install py26-unittest2; easy_install unittest2
port install py26-Werkzeug; easy_install Werkzeug
port install py26-mxdatetime; easy_install mxdatetime
port install py26-caldav; easy_install caldav
port install py26-pydot; easy_install pydot
port install py26-feedparser; easy_install feed parser
sudo port py26-babel; easy_install babel
Install PyChart using following commands.
tar xvfz PyChart-1.39.tar
cd PyChart-1.39
sudo python2.6 setup.py build
sudo python2.6 setup.py install

For the missing packages or unknown packages you can check package names on below link and install package based on package name with port command.
Get Source from bazaar
Install bzr on Mac using brew
brew install bzr
Get OpenERP stable version 7 source from Launchpad

$ bzr lp:openobject-server/7.0 serve
$ bzr branch lp:openobject-addons/7.0 addons
$ bzr branch lp:openerp-web/7.0 web-client

We are done and ready to run OpenERP from terminal
python2.6 openerp-server –addons-path=../addons/,../web-client/addons/ –db_host=localhost –db_port=5432 -u <system user> -w <password>
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