Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amit Patel shows his trait at the Farewell day!

Amit Patel, my x-colleague; when you think/talk about appears a tall, smiling, bindass, jolly and well-dressed image of a man. Yes this is Amit Patel.

I have been observing this guy ever since I know, probably since January 2008 as I was his colleague and he was supposedly reporting me.

On Jun 28, when I saw some very nice photoes coming out one by one, I planned to write a blog on the things one can learn from him. There are usually many traits one can learn from another, but followings are my personal calculations and completely my observations.

  1. Be Rude  : There are times, when you have to be rude. But here come conditions are applied. Never be rude to the loving ones. You have to be rude to those who do not listen to you! In order to make them listen to you and obey you so they follow the right path for the good of all, you have to BE RUDE. I know sometimes, Amit has been rude to many people. I realize its necessary to be rude to stick to truth, to prove your point right.

  2. Only Relations have power, not the money :
    You might have money. No doubt you can buy anything; but not the trust, not real friends, not the goodwill. This guy has is no short of money as you might know, but he is down to earth. You will never feel it from his thoughts. He believes in keep the relation going, doesnt matter he loses some money, he spends money.

  3. Learn to ignore, take it easy : Everyone has troubles, everyone has problems. No one lives a problem-free life the same way no software comes bug-free. You just need to learn which are the moments you should ignore. I have heard from someone from commentary box : "Sachin believes what makes you a better cricket in choosing what deliveries not to play". In life, there are situations you need simply to learn what is important and what is not. He enjoys each moment.

  4. Keep your surroundings alive :
    You should be a working clock and a talking tom! Its necessary to make your friends, colleagues, family feel your presence. If you don't make interaction with everyone, means you are egoistic , you do not care. This guy just meets everyone, makes fun of things, makes you feel light and you react to it. He feels no pressure of whatsoever is the situation.

  5. Treat everyone well : Even if you do not know someone, its your humanity and responsibility that you should treat the one well; and not ignoring the person, insulting the person just because you don't know him. I observed that Amit threw party to everyone and almost everyone contributed to the party expenses even if Amit has not talked to one. Many of them might not like the guy, but Amit doesn't really care. He believes in thanking. He just believes to do his preferred action if his action comes up with some fruitful result for the good of someone.
He is the personification, of 'its important to know how much you live, not how long you live' !

To see his pics of Farewell, go here.

Wishing Amit Patel a good luck for his future endeavors.

GOD bless you!



Hardik Joshi said...

Hai Jay,

Its really good article and true one! I really appreciate your thought and observation about Amit.

Apart from that about Amit I too believe and also seen above mentioned features.


Purnendu Singh said...

Very well observed sir..I do agree on all of your points ...he is a real dud in youngsters language :):)

Ujjvala Collins said...

Perfect attributes.. We really feel his absence in our sitting area now a days!
I too have one point about him: "Quick in action, Amit sir never loses a minute. He'll take the actions as and when its needed and as quick as possible. Party karvi 6e, event karavi 6e, picnic par javu 6e, badhu on the spot decide pan thai jaay ane implement pan thai jaay."

Rifakat Haradwala said...
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Rifakat Haradwala said...

Amit Patel, the personality! Hats off to him...

enil said...

su vat che Amit ... saras ... kudos!

Sanjay said...

Perfect words that describes amit sir..
Great man great work.!

Nikunj Jani said...

Great Person from heart..many people may not know him personally..but I am the one of the fortunate ....Great Writing also ..Thanks Jay Vora...

Nitesh Vaghani said...

Analysis always right on this world

Person have five finger in one hand and amit have five quality by nature which is make amit different then other

If we want to punch some then we have to gather five finger but amit use five quality brilliantly against person to punch some one.

World is not ample keep rising every day.....................

Vinay B Rana said...

Great personality I ever mat in my life before. At first meeting I did not impress with his attitude. As the time going on he is my one of best friend.

Best wishes from my side for his future. I know he can do anything with 100 % success Ratio.

Jay Vora said...

Thank you everyone!