Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Worst Valentine Ideas!

An idle mind is devil's workshop -  નવરો બેઠો નખ્ખોદ વાળે !

All courtesy to BSNL, I've had my internet out of service and had some worst
ideas I can help someone for the Valentine Day!

NOT ALL Ideas are mine, few are derived from Twitter!

A good one from Nikunj : "If u don't have your valentine on the valentine's day don't be sad.....bcz...Most people don't have AIDS on the World's AIDS DAY as well..."

Whatever...just smile!

Here they go!
  1. 1. Ask her what she wants. 2. Buy it online. 3. Enter her address. 4. Select "Cash On Delivery" !
  2. Gift her a book of Personality Development.
  3. Promise her a musical night and start singing this yourself.
  4. Call him/her for outing and introduce her to your new girl/boyfriend !! Unforgetable valentine day!!
  5. Take her on a long drive. 2km later, " Yaar petrol to bharwaade"
  6. Gift her a book 'How to hide our age' .
  7. Borrow some money from her to buy her a Valentine's gift.
  8. Gifting an Xbox 360 game to her, even after knowing that she doesn't own an Xbox and then taking it back.
  9. Give her 1.Dior Lip Gloss 2. Gucci Bag 3. iPhone5 4. Nina Ricci Perfume 5. Close her in a room without Mirror.
  10. Long drive ; in Tata Nano.
  11. Gift her a book 'How to look beautiful'.
  12. Gift her the handwash.
  13. A Cassette (old ofcourse) with very old songs.
  14. Telebrands air*** !
  15. Discount coupons for Breast implants. 
  16. Gift her Gillete mach 3.
  17. Selected Speeches of Manmohan Singh Vol 1.
  18. A chinese love letter.
  19. Deodorant.
  20. A Vacuum cleaner.
  21. A love letter with grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes especially in her name.
  22. Give her a deo and say you smell good with this and add loreal wrinkle reducing cream tell her it waz free

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