Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life is what you make it!

Life is what you make it. Yes, definitely it’ll be always and only you who will make your life whatever and however you want. Because sometimes we do complain or regret that those were the circumstances or the people around you who has made your life beautiful or miserable. But literally I never felt so. Yes, I agree that so many factors do affect and change your life but what you’re today is only because of you. Let me tell you why.

Think about a situation where you are just stepping into a new school or college or company or any other organization to build up your career. You are definitely not aware how things going to start, how will be the people, how will be the atmosphere there, are you going to survive in that new wind, are you going to fulfill the dreams you’ve seen before joining this institution or organization. How you gonna know what will be the result once you’re already in. Because it’s just a new beginning. You meet new people, learn new things, make your ambitions strong, create a new group of friends, etc etc and then gradually you’re all set. You rise & fall, you again stand up, you take the challenges and give it an another shot. This is how you will be the owner of your life and thoughts. You have to live it.
It is well said that nobody can make you happy or sad without your permission.
Do stick to this sentence.

It’s always you who should judge your life and nobody else. A person is always aware about what is wrong and what is right. Even a thief knows what he is doing when he steals something. Never let the circumstances master over you. Be your own master. You’re doing something because you want to do it. No turning back when it’s time to face it. Let the things go as it is supposed to be. Make your life as simple as possible. Do not complicate your relations and feelings. Trust yourself. Live your own experiences. Do not hide yourself being hurt or sad, they’re also part of life. If being happy is a part of life then being sad is also a part of life, why to be a frog of well.

Taking risks and being a failure is much worthier than not taking it and being a coward. Even Albert Einstein says “The one who has not seen failure has never tried a new thing in life.”

I tell you, you’ll be happy even when you fail, atleast you tried. Life is given only once, who knows about next birth ;-) , so live it, enjoy it, share it, make it worth for somebody. Because in the end “Life is what YOU make it”.

Author : Ujjvala Collins

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