Thursday, December 20, 2012

My idea of building confidence is SCREAMING out LOUD ,Sing,Dance!

Confidence is all about voice with an accurate rhythm.

I heard this from Manan(eldest brother) and / or Tanmay(elder brother) a long ago. I love learning accents of people, copy them, imitate them. This brings more confidence to me which means to say that "Yessss, I can achieve what others can do/speak. I can get more attention". I copy many people's behavior, voice, style!  This is all about observation.

Since a very long time, I have been keeping a habit of singing out louder while driving my car/ bike provided the car is playing a music.

Healthy living and success are created by means of emitting voice with rhythm. Voice with rhythm can even move mountains as what historical books state.

If you are part of the majority of people who suffer from the fear of public speaking then you are not alone. You can scream, yell, grunt to raise your level of confidence, you can decrease the level of stage fear.

Screaming, Yelling, or Grunting Can Raise Your Fighting Spirit

Grunting is one good example that can help increase your fighting spirit easily. For instance, when you hit a a ball for a six, get a wicket, do the program successfully, create the recipe rightly, something just happens out of your mind as per your wish... you shout or scream "Yah!" or "Yey!". I say, say it loudly, just the way footballers enjoy, cricketers enjoy, dance!

Actually, just like how breathing patterns affect your ability to lift weights, grunting can help you establish a rhythm, expel energy and improve your timing, and can help you win your match.

I am recalling my childhood days going in parks, you too recall it. You will also notice that your swinging power depends on how loud you grunt. The louder you scream or yell, the more powerful the swing will be. :) And sometimes you compete with your friends.

Have heard Tennis players shouting "Aiyah!, Hyah! Eee-yah!, or Hi-yah!" ?
Specially Maria Sharapova, terrific/ble !!! You have to make sure no one misunderstands what you are watching! (This was Kapil's status once) This is just to double your focus and power hitting.

Grunting Can Help You:
  • Release tension/worries
  • Synchronize breathing
  • Increase focus
  • Increase core stability
  • Increase strength

Lets talk science : How Can Grunting Increase Your Power and Improve Performance

Grunting or yelling changes your body chemistry. It triggers your brain to release adrenaline, and produce higher heart rate, increased blood flow, as well as psychological boost. This is also the reason why hearing loud music or your favorable music makes you feel energized and pumped.
Loud grunting also activates the muscles in your back and abdomen, which can increase your overall power for throwing, hitting, swinging, jumping, or punching.
Yelling is good for sports and relieving stress. Go ahead and yell at the wall, at the mirror, into a pillow, or at nothing at all. I believe you can apply this technique to health, business, love, and many other things.

Do anything of these:
  • Walk Faster.
  • Drive Faster.
  • Drive Zigzag.
  • Go to a hill station and scream at the top/edge of the mountain, you will feel you are at the top. No one to argue.
  • Sing loudly in bathroom.
  • Take a bath by cold water, in Winter.
  • Tap your friends on shoulders on their good job.
  • Give and take Hi-5 (palms to palms at winning situation).
  • Jump 2 3 steps while using staircases.
  • Sing while driving.
  • Dance while find yourself alone.
After doing any of these, you will smile at yourself and feel good. Just the same way Kareena and Shahid felt in 'Jab We Met' after abusing the Boyfriend and burning pic of GF respectively. ;)

I am sure you will recall this post or me when you do any of these and feel good.

This is all about feeling good, after all that's what matters.
Let's shout now for our future happiness!

Good luck,
Jay Vora.

Some thoughts are original, some are from Pyroenergen.

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