Sunday, November 13, 2011

Respect for Hashim Amla !!!

Hashim Amla (SA batsman) is currently ranked as number one Batsman in ODI Rankings. I remember well that Dean Jones called him a 'terrorist' and Dean was sacked/fired by Ten sports!!!

Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle logo on his cricket shirt, said that he did not pocket a cent from his match fee.

Promoting beer & liquor is against the teaching of Islam and as such Amla became the first player to be the exception. who was granted permission by South African Breweries and Cricket South Africa not to wear the Castle logos on his clothing.

"Since Hashim understands his religion well, his beliefs are staunch and knows what is right and wrong. At the outset he made the decision not to wear the Castle logo on his clothing, which went public, and at the same time he also took the decision that the money earned from the Tests, sponsored by Castle, were forbidden for his use".

Your religion is clearly important to you but just how much?

The importance of my religion has increased as I have got older. I couldn’t put a time frame on it but I have found that following the Islamic way of life has a lot of beauty to it. Although I was born into a Muslim family I wasn’t always practicing. The more I have understood the differences in the various faiths I have adopted as much of Islam as possible. I’m certainly no saint but the discipline of the Islamic way of life has helped my cricket without a doubt. I don’t drink and I pray five times a day, which gives stability to my daily routine.

Can you tell us about your background?
I come from a small town 40 kilo metres north of Durban. I played a lot of sport at primary school like cricket, soccer, tennis, table tennis. I was brought up in a predominantly Asian community but I later went to Durban High School, which had a good sporting heritage and my Dad encouraged me to go there and paid the fees for me to go. Fortunately after the first year I got a bursary as I was good at sport and got looked after.

Hashim Amla has a habit of walking off the pitch when he feels he is clean out and he doesn't wait for umpire's decision.

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