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3 common mistakes made when training ERP staff !

3 common mistakes made when training ERP staff
When any new software or business process is implemented in the organization, the staff will need to be trained in order to ensure that they are capable of using the new system and implementing a new ERP system is no different. Staff needs to be trained on how to use ERP software otherwise they will not be able to use the ERP system to its full potential. That said there are a number of common mistakes made when training ERP staff. Here are three things mistakes that are commonly made when training ERP staff:

Performing training but no education
Many companies will train staff on how to use a new piece of software but will fall short when it comes to educating their staff. Training is when you show your staff how to use a piece of software, it will ensure that they are capable of carrying out their daily tasks efficiently and is a necessary step to ensure the success of the ERP implementation. However, if the staff are not educated on the deeper ins and outs of the ERP system then they will not be able to diagnose problems when things go wrong therefore it is essential that the staff some form of education on how the ERP system works as well as receiving training on how to use the system. 

Not preparing for resistance
When new staff joins an organisation, they go through the stressful process of having adapt to the organisations business culture and learning how to carry out their job the way the organisation wants the job to be carried out. It should therefore come to no surprise that staff should be hesitant to want a new ERP system to be implemented as they would need to discard everything they learnt in the past in order to learn how to use the new ERP system. To counteract this negative attitude you should show a positive attitude to using the new system and should try to get as many people on board. This will help to pit the negative thoughts about the new ERP system to bed.

Failing to identify teaching requirements and learning outcome
You should be aware that your staff are being trained to use the ERP system effectively and are not being trained to take an exam for a PHD in using ERP systems. On the other end of the scale you should also be aware that skipping vital information will result in poorly trained staff that are incapable of using the system to its full potential. To ensure that you cover everything that you need to cover in your training sessions whilst making sure that you don’t drift off into unnecessary topics, define a set of requirements of the learning outcome of the whole training scheme by identifying what the staff need to know and what they don’t need to know. Once you have identified the requirements, make a detailed lesson plan which will dictate what you should teach the staff in each lesson and most importantly, stick to it.

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